May 25

Message From The Chair

My thanks to everyone for coming to our August 27th Caucus meeting. It was a very productive gathering of minds, and I was honored to lead a productive discussion about important issues facing our business communities.

The meeting was held at the Sheraton in Anaheim, to a full room of participants and Caucus members who were eager to hear our plans for the future, and share their ideas for a robust caucus. I started the discussion by suggesting a few ideas of my own to begin the conversation. I believe our Business and Professional Caucus can be a strong and relevant one as the Democratic party regroups and advances its ideals. Small businesses are the back bone of our national economy and professionals – from tech entrepreneurs to blue collar business owners – are the voice of our future. Together, we have the ideas and the vision to strengthen our party and strengthen our nation to lead in business, while ensuring fairness and the progressive ideals of our party.

Our mission here at the Business and Professional Caucus is rooted in integrity, diversity and strength in business. To that end, I invited our caucus members to speak at the microphone at our last meeting, and share their ideas of what makes business better in California, and how we as a caucus can help our members realize their goals. The result was a series of wonderful ideas; from securing capital, ensuring fairness in legislation, assistance in outreach to help secure clients, unearthing and uploading resources from various cities an counties for small businesses to work with local government and compete for public contracts. Our members made clear they want to do all this while maintaining an allegiance to environmentally sounds business practices, a commitment to helping homelessness, supporting healthcare for all and nurturing a growing tech economy with bi-coastal points of focus (Silicon Valley & Silicon Beach) while being mindful of its impact on communities.

We kept a list of ideas, which we will upload soon for member review, and have resolved to form two committees to address the most pressing needs of our caucus members. These will be the Outreach Committee, which will help small business owners reach out to and find clients; as well as the Resources Committee, which will compile on an ongoing basis resources for small businesses, and make them available to members online.

I invite you to join with us and help make our Caucus stronger. The voice of small business is a crucial one in our party, and we will ensure that it is heard loud and clear as new laws are crafted to strengthen small businesses and build a competitive environment where professionals can thrive.

Feel free to contact me if you’d like to join a committee, or would like to suggest one. Please also reach out to us with your ideas and perspective as we work together to strengthen the business environment and empower small business owners and professionals.

With thanks,

Ray Bishop
BPC Chair

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    • Ray Bishop on September 14, 2017 at 12:08 pm
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