CAUCUS AGENDA – EBoard Meeting August 26, 2017
 8:15  Welcome & Chair’s Report, Ray Bishop, Caucus Chair-
 8:30  Officers Reports-
         Mark Henderson – Vice President South- Membership
         Brigette Hunley – Vice President North- Membership
         Sue Gunther – Secretary
         Cecile Bendavid – Treasurer
         Maryam Zar – Parliamentarian
 8:45 Officers Panel and Member Participation-
Members of the Caucus will be asked to participate in an open discussion with the Officers of the Caucus to introduce themselves and to suggest important ideas that the Caucus should focus on in the coming years to best serve the members of the Caucus and to support legislation that will increase Caucus Membership.
 Topics will be identified and Committees will be formed to advance the agenda. Members wishing to Chair a Committee will be identified and appointed by the Executive Board.We wish to empower our members to work together best understand and deal with the business and professional issues we face.
Issues that the Caucus has focused on and panels during our meeting with great panelists since the election of Ray Bishop as Chair have been:
    • Small Business in California
    • The Underfunded Judicial System
    • The Compatibility of Business and Sustainability
    • The Impact of Transportation on Business
    • The Influence of Money on our Electoral System
    • Public Banking an Alternative?
    • Oligarchy vs Entrepreneurship

 10:00 Candidates Presentations

– 2 Minutes per candidate or representative in order of receipt of business card to the chair.
 10:15 Adjournment
The Caucus Panel on Public Banking can be viewed at
The caucus web site will soon host all videos and we are planning an interactive blog for members to improve networking and supporting activities.

Our By-laws and information to join the Business & Professional Caucus can be found at

You do not need to be a member to attend the caucus meeting; however, we appreciate your support and as a member you will be entitled to vote on important issues.
Regular Individual Membership $25.00
Lifetime Individual Membership $500.00
Democratic Business, Professional Clubs or Organizations $100.00 (5 representatives)
Elected Democratic Public Officials $50.00
Hardship Individual Membership – Can be requested in writing thirty days prior to any meeting subject to approval by the Caucus Executive Board – Fee Waived
All Memberships except Lifetime are based on an annual term and expire 90 days prior to the CDP State Convention.  $5.00 of each membership goes to support CDP.