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The California Democratic Party will hold the Convention in Long Beach from Friday, November  to Sunday November 17, 2019 at the Long Beach Convention Center.
The Business & Professional Caucus Meeting will be held:
 Saturday, November 16 from 
We hope that all Members, Guests and Dem Activists will attend this important meeting.
Most all of our members are Small Business Owners and Professionals. We as Democrats; now more than ever, will unite to demonstrate that we stand for the under-served which include those who have exercised our American Freedom and Right to start a business and work hard for that opportunity to Grow and Prosper.
We will work to demonstrate that Small Business owners are best Represented by the Democratic Party.
It is very important that you take an active role in our Caucus to work with other members to promote Legislation and Assistance to Small Business that will help our members succeed. This is your opportunity to really make a difference as we expand our base by letting Small Business Owners know that we are Working Together to Show that we are the Party that Represents and Works for Them.
This is what we as a Caucus Working Together Can Do.
To Network with Members, to Share Ideas, Create Business Opportunities,Promote Contracting & Purchasing Advantages, Provide Greater Access to Capital, Support Favorable Legislation, Support CDP Resolutions & Platform Changes in Support of  Members, and to Develop New Ideas by our Members for a more Effective and Progressive Caucus.
We as Progressive Democrats will fight to regain our Land of Opportunity for all.
We encourage our members to actively participate, organize, and serve in committees to help spread our message of support to our Members and our Business & Professional Community.
All Memberships except Lifetime are based on an annual term and expire 90 days prior to the CDP State Convention.  $5.00 of each membership goes to support CDP.
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I Want YOU

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