Business and Professional Caucus

The California Democratic Party will hold its Executive Board Meeting Virtually from Friday, July 24 – Sunday, July 26, 2020
The B&P Caucus meeting will be held virtually –

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Saturday, July 25 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM
To join the Caucus, go to: – caucus and B&P Caucus.
Annual Dues             – $25.00
Club Membership – $100.00
Life Membership –   $500.00

What We Can Do as a Caucus to Support the Growth of Small Business & Professions” We as Democrats, now more than ever, must unite to protect our freedom and right to start and grow a Small
Business and Professional Service Company with Equal Opportunity and Fair Competition.
It is very important that we work together to get out the vote to ensure that the B&P Caucus continues to
work as an advocate to serve as the true voice for California Business.

We encourage our members to actively participate, organize and better learn how we can spread our message to support our Small Business & Professional Community.


5:30 Welcome & Chair’s Report, Ray Bishop, Caucus Chair
Officers Reports
Mark Henderson – Vice President South
Brigette Hunley – Vice President North
Cecile Bendavid – Treasurer – Membership & Finances
Vacant – Secretary

 Open Member Discussion- Open Mike

What can we do as a Caucus to Properly Focus on the most important issues and concerns of our members?
What can we do to work together to Promote Legislation, Resolutions & Platforms to benefit our members?
How can we work together to strengthen and grow our membership?

Summary of Future Objectives- Executive Board

Guest Speakers – Presidential Candidates & Special Guests

7:30 Adjournment