Meeting Minutes DoubleTree Hotel San Jose Saturday, August 24, 2019

California Democratic Party

Business & Professional Caucus

DoubleTree by Hilton, San Jose, CA
Saturday, August 24, 2019

The meeting was called to order by Chair Raymond (“Ray”) Bishop at the E-Board conference held at the DoubleTree by Hilton on Saturday, August 24, 2019, at 8:20 p.m.

  • Caucus Officers Present: Ray Bishop (Chair), Cecile Bendavid (Treasurer), Andrew Lachman (Parliamentarian), and Lora De La Portilla (upon election, Secretary).
  • Caucus Officers Approved Absent: Bridgette Hunley (Vice Chair North), and Mark Henderson (Vice Chair South).
  • Attendee introductions were made
  • Opening Welcome by Chair, Ray Bishop
  • Minutes of prior B&P meeting verbally reviewed by Ray Bishop in lieu of written minutes (due to absence of a Secretary at prior Caucus meeting)
    • Chair comments re effect of large businesses on small business
    • Approval of the Minutes as relayed verbally (unanimously approved)
  • Treasurer’s Report by Cecile Bendavid
    • Current Funds: $2,295.14
    • Also noted that $5 of every $25 membership fee goes to the Party
  • CADEM Chair Rusty Hicks addressed the Caucus
  • Brief discussion re renewed pursuit of Resolution to define term “Small Business”
  • Chair reviewed issues re Rules Committee efforts to make unilateral changes to Caucus By-Laws
  • Parliamentarian procedures by Andrew Lachman
    • Election of Caucus Secretary – Lora De La Portilla (motion passed unanimously)
    • Discussion re By-Laws – significant changes proposed by Rules Committee:
      • Requirement for Caucus officers to be a DSCC delegate will be removed (with the exception of the Caucus Chair position)
      • Caucus membership to expire three (3) months prior to any CADEM convention
    • B&P Chair recommend provision that provision to require Caucus officers to be a DSCC delegate to remain, and to require that members must be registered with the Caucus for a minimum of 30 days in order to vote at any meeting
    • Noted that B&P By-Laws are available for review at “”
    • Motion (seconded) to approve By-Laws as presented by Caucus Chair (not version proposed by Rules Committee:
      • 9 in Favor
      • 1 Opposed
      • 0 Abstentions
      • Motion Passed
    • Chair, Ray Bishop, presented re legislative issue concerning unified certification program with respect to municipalities and other government offices providing percentage of contracted budget funding to be dedicated to promotion of small businesses
      • Motion by Andrew Lachman (seconded) for the B&P Caucus to prepare a Resolution (and possibly a Bill) setting forth proposal
        • 8 in Favor
        • 0 Opposed
        • 0 Abstentions
        • Motion Passed
      • Attendees invited to present concerns or issues to be considered by the B&P Caucus:
        • Janet K. – Small business owner/cocktail bar/24 employees – raised tax payment issue; can tax payment schedule be returned to a regular four (4) quarter schedule
        • Adriel Hampton – Presented re social media resource, Action Sprout; visit “” to explore options – select topics of interest, recommendations for posts related to areas of interest will be forwarded that can be shared to personally managed paged
      • New member, Art Rodriguez, promoted supporting a “Renters Caucus” geared toward address issues affecting renters and also homelessness issues (contact Art at; 916-620-5052)
        • Motion by Janet K./second by Justin Howard, B&P Caucus to support development of a Renters Caucus
          • 9 in Favor
          • 0 Opposed
          • 0 Abstentions
        • Jackie Wheeler presented re “Close the Gap” (training – run for office!)
        • Ruth Cortez requested single payer insurance to be topic of future Caucus meeting
        • Chair suggests all members as the question to municipalities: What are YOU doing for small businesses?

(Thank you to Justin Howard for assisting Cecile Bendavid and Lora De La Portill at the sign-in table.)

10:04 Meeting Adjourned