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Meeting Minutes – June 18 2018

            Business and Professional Caucus Panel Discussion

 Big Banks and the Changing Impact on Business and the Safety of our Money

          Is Public Banking an Alternative?

Saturday at 6:30 June 18th At the Long Beach Hyatt Regency Hotel, 200 S. Pine Ave, Long Beach.  101A – Executive Board Meeting – California Democratic Party.

The Bank of North Dakota, the nation’s only state-owned depository bank, was founded in 1919 in response to Wall Street oppression. Today the bank has succeeded in being more profitable than J.P. Morgan Chase or Goldman Sachs, while maintaining its public service mandate. In the current climate of Wall Street malfeasance and derivative risk, it may be time to take a closer look at the public banking model.

Moderator – Ray Bishop, Chair, Business & Professional Caucus, County Small Business Commission, City Commission Industrial Development Authority, Business Owner.

Tom Steyer – Business Leader and Philanthropist – Co-founder of Beneficial Bank, a Non-profit Community Bank and Founder of  NextGen to prevent Climate Disaster & Promote Economic Prosperity for All.

Ellen Brown – Attorney and Founder of the national Public Banking Institute, author of twelve books including the bestselling “Web of Debt” and “The Public Bank Solution”.

John Batiste – Forty Years of Commercial Banking Experience, New York & California. Senior Vice President & Regional Manager specializing in Business & General Banking.

Joel Luxenberg – Entrepreneur and advocate for the JOBS Act legislation. Instrumental in development of alternatives to banking, including active advisory roles with Crowdfunder, and, and various Venture Capital firms.  Lectured around the world on the impact of EB5 investing and small business entrepreneurship.

Mike Gatto – California Assemblyman and Attorney, Chair of the Utilities & Commerce Committee, served as Assistant Speaker Pro Tempore, Chairman of the Appropriations Committee, Chairman of the Privacy & Consumer Protection. Was the Co-author of AB 750 passed by the legislature & Senate to establish Public Banking in California. Passed AJR 1, legislation to command Congress to call a federal constitutional convention to overturn the Citizens United Decision which established “corporate personhood” for unlimited campaign contributions.

Kevin Klowden – Managing Economist, Milken Institute & Executive Director of the California Center.  Extensive experience in government affairs and has participated in and hosted events around the world to include the Federal Reserve System & the World Economy. Graduate Degrees from the University of Chicago & London School of Economics.

Barbara Polsky – Attorney and Partner, Manatt, of one of the nation’s most prominent Banking Law Firms, founded by Chuck Manatt also a founder of LA Bank and Chair of the Democratic Party.  She has extensive experience representing domestic and foreign banks, and represents financial institutions relating to enforcement relating to capital, asset quality, and other key issues. She interacts with federal and state regulatory agencies, including the SEC, OCC, Federal Reserve, FDIC, and the California Department of Business Oversight. Previously served as Executive Vice President and General Counsel of City National Corporation and City National Bank and Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Aames Financial Corporation. Barbara frequently lectures at investment and commercial banking seminars on mergers and acquisitions, bank capital augmentation and compliance matters.  Barbara graduated from the University of Michigan School of Law, magna cum laude, in 1979.

Special Guests:        Lisa Cody, Russell Baldwin, Frank Sanitate, Jeffrey Leckich