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Meeting Minutes — November 16, 2019

California Democratic Party
Business & Professional Caucus
Democratic Convention, Long Beach, CA
Saturday, November 16, 2019

Board Members Present:

  • Caucus Chair, Raymond Bishop
  • Vice Chair/Southern Region, Mark Henderson
  • Treasurer, Cecile Bendavid
  • Parliamentarian, Andrew Lachman

Board Members Approved Absent:

  • Vice Chair/Northern Region, Brigette Hunley


Meeting called to order at 7:03 p.m. by Caucus Chair, Ray Bishop.


  • Audience member introductions.
  • Introduction of Annie Cho – resident pf Porter Ranch, AD 38. Hasn’t yet made a formal announcement or set up web site, but Ms. Cho will be running for Christy Smith’s seat.
  • Introduction of Stephanie McCoy who is working on and promoting the Schools and Communities First ballot measure.
  • Introduction of Bernie Sanders representative, Dr. Renish, who shared a few words regarding Bernie Sanders’ policies, including his policies to support small businesses.
  • Comments regarding Caucus certification. Noted CDP mandate of all memberships expiring 90-days prior to any Democratic Convention.  The Caucus previously opposed (and continues to oppose) this as it contradicted our historical By-Laws.  At the last meeting (E-Board meeting in San Jose, August 2019), Caucus members voted to approve the By-Laws without the change of membership provision.  However, the Party has insisted on the change in order for the Caucus to maintain its provisional certification.  By-Laws, including the new membership expiration provision, to be voted on at this meeting.
  • Review by Ray of some recent articles relevant to small business and technology issues.
  • Increase in membership noted.
  • Treasurer’s Report, Cecile Bendavid:
    As of 10/21/19, the Caucus has $1,342.44.  Balance currently lower because the CDP recently charged the Caucus for various E-Board and convention expenses, including a delayed charge for the November 2018 E-Board meeting.  Cecile stressed the importance of the dues and extended invitation to everyone present to join as a member if not already.
  • Secretary, Lora De La Portilla:
    • Approval of Minutes: Minutes from the August 24, 2019, E-Board meeting (San Jose) were reviewed and approved as amended.
    • Legislative Goal: The Caucus will endeavor to work toward legislation to develop a more uniform and consistent definition of what constitutes a small business, to promote a greater transparency of the number of opportunities afforded to small business pursuant to regulations, and to promote an increase in those requirements.
  • Parliamentarian, Andrew Lachman:
    • Andrew is again running to be a DNC delegate. To date, he has obtained 160 signatures.
    • He will be putting on webinars regarding what Democrats are doing for small business and contrasting with what Republicans are not Discussion on anticipated webinars.
    • California Consumer Privacy has new regulations. The public can contact them and provide comments.
    • Andrew notes that we previously spoke about the risks of adopting the By-Laws without the renewal provision; stressed the need to pass the By-Laws with the renewal provision in order to maintain our provisional Caucus status. Following motion procedure, the revised By-Laws, including the renewal provision, were adopted.


  • Chair, Ray Bishop:
    General introduction of panel speakers. Chair Bishop reviewed issues pertaining to technology as related to small businesses, including review of numerous relevant published articles attendant to these issues. 
  • Vice Chair, Southern Region, Mark Henderson:
    • Addressed issue of uniform small business certification.
    • Discussion/comments on changing technology in the small business.
  • Treasurer, Cecile Bendavid:
    • Presentation regarding the relationship of social media and small business.
  • Dafna Tachover, We Are the Evidence Founder and attorney both in New York and in Israel.
    She gained a technical understanding of wireless networks and infrastructures as a communications and computer officer in the Israeli Defense Forces, where she was the commander of the computer center for their Operations Center and Headquarters. In 2009, she developed electromagnetic sensitivity from wireless technology radiation. Since then, she has dedicated herself to exposing the epidemic of sickness caused by this technology; to protecting the rights of the injured; to eradicating the misrepresentation that wireless technology is safe; and to pursuing those who betray the public’s trust.Tachover shared her research regarding neurological issues, cancer, and various other medical conditions possibly caused by cell phones and other technology.  She discussed a 19-year study by the U.S. government regarding these issues, noting that the results of the study were essentially ignored.





  • Bryne Kennedy: Founder of Topia
    Topia is a software company that has pioneered new tools to help more businesses compete in the changing economy, simultaneously helping tens of thousands of workers transition into new jobs and communities. Kennedy is also running for Congress in California’s 4th District against Tom McClintok (near Tahoe, Sacramento, etc.).  Ms. Kennedy’s discussed issues of technology as it relates to job creation and growth, and its aspects of strong business support.
  • Special Guest, CDP Chair Rusty Hicks:
    Chair Rusty Hicks thanked the Caucus for its work, noting that technology in business is a “the new frontier.” Rusty took questions from the audience.  Leah Hertzberg suggested developing a way the various caucuses can work together.
  • Special Guest, Congresswoman Maxine Waters:
    Congresswoman Waters thanked Caucus leadership and went on to discuss H.R.4863, the United States Export Finance Agency Act of 2019 – the “Export/Import Bank” Bill. She stressed the importance and benefits of the legislation and urged everyone to support it as well.