Caucus Minutes October 27th 2021


Welcome and introductions – Board members each gave a quick introduction.

Approve minutes from the last Board Meeting.
It was agreed that the approval would happen at the next meeting after everyone has had a chance to review the minutes.

 Officers and committee reports

Mark Henderson – VP South: Legislation

Mark reported on the legislation committee meeting – he said he had a good group, and was looking forward to making progress on legislation. He said all members were on equal footing.

Brigette Hunley – VP North: Program
Brigette was absent.

Sharky Laguana – Secretary: Communication
Sharky reported on a productive communication committee meeting. Sharky created a Slack channel for each of the committees, and the e-board. He has reached out to 

Judith Walters – Treasurer: Membership
Judith reported that we have 12 new members. The current bank account balance is over $5,000.

Omar Hashwi – Liaison: Platform
Business and economy plank discussion is ongoing. Omar said that only written testimony is required. He explained the work on the platform is happening on the slack channel. He said that if we add items we should remove items.

Special Program:  Networking Meeting Thursday, October 14 7-9pm. 

Chair Bendavid will be putting 4 people each in breakout rooms.

New Business


Meeting adjourned 6:36pm