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Caucus Minutes October 27th 2021

Agenda:¬† Welcome and introductions – Board members each gave a quick introduction. Approve minutes from the last Board Meeting. It was agreed that the approval would happen at the next meeting after everyone has had a chance to review the minutes. ¬†Officers and committee reports Mark Henderson – VP South: Legislation Mark reported on the …

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Caucus Minutes Aug 26, 2021

California Democratic Party Business & Professional Caucus Caucus Minutes Aug 26, 2021 Board Members Present: Acting Caucus Chair, Cecile Bendavid Parliamentarian, Andrew Lachman Vice Chair/Northern Region, Brigette Hunley   Board Members Approved Absent: Vice Chair/Southern Region, Mark Henderson Meeting called to order at 7:36pm Chair Bendavid greets everyone, and invites them to say in the …

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