The CADEM Business and Professional Caucus will hold elections for officers at the Caucus meeting during the May 2023 California Democratic Party Convention. The following officers will be elected:
Vice-Chair South
Vice-Chair North

The current officers are
Chair: Cecile Bendavid
Vice-Chair South – Mark Henderson
Vice-Chair North – Brigette Hunley
Secretary – Sharky Laguna
Treasurer – Judith Walters

The nominating committee is headed by Andrew Lachman, Chair and current Parliamentarian.
Election information from the by-laws:
All candidates for Caucus Chair must be members of the Democratic State Central Committee and must have been members of this Caucus for the last three meetings prior to the election meeting or as of the beginning of the two-year Democratic State Central Committee term in which nominations are opened, whichever requires a period of membership; and all officer candidates must be members who have paid, or had waived, their dues ten days prior to the date of the election meeting.

Nominating Committee information – Andrew Lachman, Nominating/Election Committee Chair
An Election Committee of three members shall be appointed by the Chairperson by no later than 60 days before the date of election and the names and contact information for the Election Committee shall be communicated to the membership in writing by email (for those who consent to receive notice by email) or, otherwise, US mail by not later than fifty (50) days before the election meeting.
All nominations for Caucus Office shall be made in writing not more than fifty (50) nor less than ten (10) days before the date that balloting commences. Written nominations shall be sent to Election Committee. The written nomination form must contain the following information: name, address, email (if applicable), telephone number, occupation if applicable, Assembly District Number, a statement whether the candidate is a Member of Democratic State Central Committee. Nomination forms, which may be self-nominations, may include a brief statement of qualifications and special interest in serving. Nominations do not need to be seconded.
The Treasurer is to prepare for the Election Committee a roster of the members of the Caucus who paid or had waived their dues as of the date ten days before the election meeting. If the Office of Treasurer is vacant or, the Caucus Chairperson may appoint another member of the Caucus other than a member of the Election Committee for the purpose of fulfilling these responsibilities.

Voting and related actions concerning recommendations for support/endorsement taken, by the Caucus, on behalf of candidates for partisan or nonpartisan public office will occur in accordance with CDP Bylaws, including any prohibitions contained therein. The CDP Bylaws rules on endorsement shall be followed by the Caucus. Appeals of any decision that any member feels are inconsistent with the CDP Bylaws rules on endorsement shall be made first appealed to the membership of the Caucus at the meeting at which the allegedly violative conduct took place and then as provided in the CDP Bylaws.