Meeting August 26th, 2021

Business and Professional Caucus



  • Election of Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer – Andrew Lachman
  • Officer’s Reports
  • Update on how the Virus is currently affecting businesses in California
    • Sue Bendavid, Employment Attorney, Lewitt Hackman
  • Resources for businesses during the pandemic – Ron Galperin, Controller, City of Los Angeles
  • Special program on CyberSecurity:
    • Tai Esteban Sunnanon has been advising, researching and consulting on cybersecurity. His current professional work includes:
      • U.S. Department of Defense Fellow in Cybersecurity
      • Cybersecurity analyst with U.S. Air Force
      • Consultant with two leading U.S. Cybersecurity firms
    • Andrew Lachman – Chair of the Los Angeles County Bar Association Privacy and Cybersecurity Section
    • Brigette Hunley – BP Caucus Vice Chair and Chair of the Computer and Internet Caucus
    • Moderated by Cecile Bendavid – Professor of Computer Science at California State University Northridge

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