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Caucus Minutes October 27th 2021

Agenda:  Welcome and introductions – Board members each gave a quick introduction. Approve minutes from the last Board Meeting. It was agreed that the approval would happen at the next meeting after everyone has had a chance to review the minutes.  Officers and committee reports Mark Henderson – VP South: Legislation Mark reported on the …

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Caucus Minutes Aug 26, 2021

California Democratic Party Business & Professional Caucus Caucus Minutes Aug 26, 2021 Board Members Present: Acting Caucus Chair, Cecile Bendavid Parliamentarian, Andrew Lachman Vice Chair/Northern Region, Brigette Hunley   Board Members Approved Absent: Vice Chair/Southern Region, Mark Henderson Meeting called to order at 7:36pm Chair Bendavid greets everyone, and invites them to say in the …

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Business and Professionals Caucus Recommendations to the Platform Committee

Thanks to the hard work and efforts of the Business & Professionals Platform Committee, which has been chaired by Omar Hashwi, the Caucus today made eight recommendations to the CADEM Platform Committee to update and amend the California Democratic Party Platform to help small businesses: CADEM pledges to support increased investment in small business and …

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POLL: CA Small Businesses Support Vaccine Mandates

New opinion polling from Small Business Majority reveals that small businesses in California are facing setbacks from the current surge in COVID-19 cases, and they’re supportive of proposals to mandate vaccinations and testing at places of business that will help ensure local economies can stay open safely. Sixty-one percent support a state mandate requiring certain public-facing businesses like restaurants, …

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