POLL: CA Small Businesses Support Vaccine Mandates

New opinion polling from Small Business Majority reveals that small businesses in California are facing setbacks from the current surge in COVID-19 cases, and they’re supportive of proposals to mandate vaccinations and testing at places of business that will help ensure local economies can stay open safely.

  • Sixty-one percent support a state mandate requiring certain public-facing businesses like restaurants, theaters and gyms to require customers to provide proof of vaccination and/or a recent negative COVID-19 test.
  • The majority (59%) of small businesses with employees would support a state law requiring businesses to mandate vaccinations and/or weekly testing for employees.
  • Nearly half of small businesses in California (47%) already require all or some of their employees to be vaccinated, and another quarter (24%) are considering doing so.
  • Three in 10 (29%) already require proof of vaccination from some or all of their customers, and another 11% are considering requiring it.

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