May 25

I Want You

I Want YOU

I Want YOU

Please join us at our next caucus meeting to be held at the California Democratic Party Annual State Convention May 19-21, 2017 at the Sacramento Convention Center 1400 J Street, Sacramento CA. 

The B&P Caucus meeting will be held on Friday, May 19th from 7:30 PM to 9:15 PM – Room 302-303

This will be a special meeting and we are hoping that you will attend. At our last meeting, we determined that most all our members were Small Business Owners and Professionals. We as Democrats, now more than ever, must unite to show that we stand for the under-served which includes those who have exercised our American Freedom to start a business and work hard for that opportunity which we must protect, to succeed.

Our message it that Democrats stand for the right of the entrepreneur to compete against the Big Corporations who are generally represented by the Republicans party. It is very important that you help get out the vote to ensure that the B&P Caucus continues to work to serve as the true voice for California Business and that we are truly the Land of Opportunity for all. We encourage our members to actively participate and organize and serve in committees to help spread our message to support our Business Community.


7:30 Welcome & Chair’s Report, Ray Bishop, Caucus Chair

7:45 Guest Speakers –  Candidates & Elected Officials to speak two minutes on

subjects hopefully related to Small Business in California.

8:20 Officers Reports

Todd Sargent – Vice President South

        Brigette Hunley – Vice President North

               Sue Gunther – Secretary – Minutes for Prior Meeting

               Cecile Bendavid – Treasurer – Membership & Finances

8:30 Elections of Officers

We will stand by Our By-laws as approved by the CDP and Roberts Rules of Order.  We will insure that our democratic principles are honored and enforced as approved by the Caucus. Pursuant to CDP Rules Committee, this notice of the special election is being distributed in accordance with our By-laws. (available for review at Eligibility to vote must be by Credentialed Membership in the caucus, effective from the day following the previous Annual Convention to the day prior to the following Annual Convention.  In the event a member pays the Caucus Dues within 30 days prior to the election and the B&P Caucus does not have a record of that payment, that member must provide a copy of the receipt for payment of dues to be eligible to vote in the election. Hardship waivers must be approved 30 days in advance by the B&P Executive Committee.

May 25

Message From The Chair


To pay dues, please visit the CDP website at here or pay by check or cash prior to the meeting.

All persons are required to sign in to attend; however, to vote a person must be a member in good standing. A member who paid dues within the past two weeks should bring a copy of the receipt to insure eligibility to vote.

Thanks for your friendship and interest in a Progressive Democracy.


Ray Bishop

Dec 23

California Automatic Voter Registration a Reality

microphone-copyOn Saturday, October 10th, 2015 Governor Jerry Brown signed into law measures which will eventually make voter registration automatic for ALL California citizens who get or renew a California drivers license.

The bill was a priority of newly elected Secretary of State Alex Padilla, who championed its provisions during his election bid.

This makes California the second state to enact such measures much to the chagrin of republican and right wing conservative political punsters who want to restrict voter registration as much as possible. Republicans see widespread voter participation as a challenge to their desire to limit voting to white, property owning males.

Dec 09

Welcome to Our New Updated Website

WhistlingDonkey1Welcome to the Business and Professional Caucus Website of the California Democratic Party.

With this new website edited by Cecile Bendavid, we hope to establish better communications with our members and the general public so stay tuned and watch us grow!